Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Hoblio" at the "Spirit Enlightened" Film Festival.

The official poster of "Hoblio"

Hoblio is very delighted to announce that he has been invited to participate in the "Spirit Enlightened", an online film festival organized by Culture Unplugged Studios .

In their own words "the festival aspires to trace the spirit that has led humanity and the evolutionary consciousness to its present form and is in the midst of creating our future. The festival hopes to explore with you ‘That’ which envelops to infuse & evolve the individual as well as the collective being, expands our vision of time as well as place, enlivens our hearts, and enlightens our species to transcend the present state of being for the mystical new – the next state of supramental self. The festival hopes to gather the global seekers to observe and feel this divine/enlightened spirit in the moment of its performance, in the midst of humanity now and forever, through film-media.

This festival aspires to present films, videos, and talks on various themes such as: Evolution of Consciousness; New Spirituality; Culture of Religion; Present Evolutionary Impulse; Emergent Scientific Perception; Vision/ Ideas on New Being - Feminine, Masculine, Superhuman; Transcendent & Transformative Practices; Transpersonal/Gnostic Perception & Action; Integral Philosophies & Wisdom, Intimate Spiritual Experiences & Expressions; The New Pursuit - Love; The Powers - Within & In Cosmos; Enlightened Leaders, Systems & Designs."

Stay tuned for more updates!

The English trailer of "Hoblio"

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