Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Cow Vs Fly": review by

A nice review by of Cow Vs Fly, my gameplay for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Cow vs Fly is a pinnacle of imagination. Mutant Survivor Flies are angry at farmers for years of insecticides and decide to fight back. Just when all hope is lost, the B.I.A (Bovine Investigation Agency) sends their best Cow in an attack chopper to fight off the evil flies and save humanity! The game is very fun with multitouch, tap controls to fire Fly-seeking missiles.
With 5 different types of flies, 3 different weapons, and 63 levels you won’t run out of flies to kill anytime soon.

Authors: Piero Tonin and Gino Preti (LagMac Studio)
App Store Link: Check it out!