Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Merci Monsieur Aurousseau!

Vorrei ringraziare pubblicamente il Sig. Francis Aurousseau, presidente de l'Association CIBAC presso l'Institut universitaire de technologie de Créteil-Vitry e direttore responsabile della rivista CIBAG MAG, per aver pubblicato senza il mio permesso una mia vignetta, malamente colorata e alterata.
Il Sig. Francis Aurousseau rifiuta ogni dialogo ritenendo di non avermi arrecato alcun danno.
Merci Monsieur Aurousseau!

I would like to publicly thank Mr. Francis Aurousseau, president of Association CIBAC at Institut universitaire de technologie de Créteil-Vitry and editor in chief of the magazine CIBAG MAG, for publishing, without my permission, a badly colorized and altered version of one of my cartoons.
Mr. Francis Aurousseau refuses any dialogue as, he claims, he did not cause me any damage.
Merci Monsieur Aurousseau!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Intervallo" su MHz Networks

Il mio corto animato "Intervallo" è stato recentemente selezionato dal canale televisivo americano MHz Networks per rappresentare l'Italia nell'ambito di una programmazione televisiva per ragazzi dai contenuti multilinguistici e multiculturali di qualità.

My animated short "Intervallo" has recently been selected by the American TV channel MHz Networks to represent Italy in a youth- oriented, multicultural, multilingual quality television programming.

Mr. Tonin,

Congratulations on the beauty and innovation behind "Intervallo" as seen on your personal website. You deserve much applause! It is an exceptional narrative made perfect by the hard-work and innovation you put into it.

We invite you to join MHz Networks in our effort to provide creative, exceptional international youth-focused (children and teens) programs for our national network. We are starting pre-production on a daily 3 - 4 hour block of kid-friendly television programming featuring the comedy and drama series, animation, short and full-length film and interstitials. It is time to reach out to our increasingly multicultural, multilingual, and internationally-minded families across the United States and share some of the most brilliant and creative programming from around the world. We would love to show "Intervallo" on television, for this purpose. Your film would represent Italy’s always flowering artistic and cultural scene.

The youth programming block will be featured daily on MHz WorldView, a channel presenting fresh, relevant English language international content andwill be seen nationally throughout the US. This means these programs willbe accessible in homes all across the country- over 20 million to be exact! Theboost in viewership of these programs will be astronomical.

Jessica Frederick

MHz Networks

Education Department