Friday, October 18, 2013

Yoplait Apricot Mango - Animated commercial

This retro style animated commercial for ad Agency Saatchi & Saatchi is a part of the "Yoplait 40 flavours of inspiration" produced by Aniboom.

The project gives the opportunity to 40 animators from around the world to take a different flavor from the new Yoplait range and bring it to life in a 30 second animated video.

I pitched for and won the Apricot Mango flavor and came up with a very stylish, uplifting and fun concept for an animation reminiscent of 1960s television commercials.

Concept, illustrations, animation and music by Piero Tonin.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hurricane Ivan, Piero Tonin and Gino Gavioli!

Low tech: from left to right, Hurricane Ivan, Piero Tonin, Gino Gavioli.

Making plans for the future: with Hurricane Ivan, cartoonist, musician and editor of PUCK! Magazine, Piero Tonin, and Gino Gavioli, legendary illustrator and animator, founder, along with his brother Roberto, of Gamma Film
Established in Milan in 1953, Gamma Film was once the largest animation studio in Europe, counting over 200 employees and producing full-length animated features, animated television series and hundreds of Carosello commercials.

Pianificando il futuro: con Hurricane Ivan, musicista, cartoonist e editore della rivista PUCK!, Piero Tonin, and Gino Gavioli, leggendario illustratore e animatore, fondatore, con il fratello Roberto, della Gamma Film.
Creata a Milano nel 1953, la Gamma Film, all'epoca il più grande studio di animazione in Europa con i suoi oltre 200 impiegati, ha prodotto lungometraggi d'animazione, serie animate televisive e centinaia di pubblicità per Carosello.